Conveying vehicles

Find your car at the end of your hike

à partir de
Compostelle et Stevenson
votre voiture à l'arrivée !

If our shuttle schedules are not convenient or if you prefer to have your car when you arrive for your hike, choose the delivery of your vehicle.

The advantages of vehicle transport

  • more comfort at the end of your hike: you don't have to go back to your starting point!
  • your vehicle is already on site.
  • saving time.
  • more economical than a shuttle depending on the number of people.

How it works

We pick up the vehicle from the accommodation in which you are staying on the first day. While you are hiking, we drive your vehicle to your final accommodation:

One of our drivers will drive the vehicle from its point of departure to its destination.


For departures from Le Puy, we ask you to come to our parking platform located 7 km from the city centre the day before your first day of walking, between 5 :30 pm and 6:30 pm. We take delivery of your vehicle and then drop you off at Le Puy. You will receive a detailed map and a precise address when you confirm your reservation.

On which trails?

The Compostela route

For a minimum of 70km, on all stages of the trail, from Puy-en-Velay to Moissac.

Possibility of conveyances on the variants of the Célé Valley and Rocamadour trails.

Example of rates:

  • Le Puy > Conques : 240€
  • Le Puy > Aumont-Aubrac : 150€
  • Conques > Cahors : 160€
  • Conques > Moissac : 240€

The Stevenson way

For a minimum of 70km on all stages of the path from Puy-en-Velay to Alès.

Example of rates:

  • Le Puy > Chasseradès : 150€
  • Le Puy > St Jean-du-Gard : 250€
  • Chasseradès > St Jean-du-Gard : 190€

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