Share the transportation of your luggage and enjoy low-cost hiking

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The concept

It's both simple and convenient!

Just like with carpooling, we suggest that you share the transportation of your luggage with other hikers.

The system is based on a collaborative arrangement that allows us to offer you advantageous prices as we accompany you throughout your hike!

Our Optimalle:







Around Le Puy-en-Velay:

Gorges of the Allier:

Optimalle guarantees:

  • Customer service at your disposal

    During hiking season, we are at your disposal 7 days a week!

  • Baggage delivered before 5 PM

    Just like on classical trips, we guarantee the delivery of your luggage to your accommodations before 5 PM at each stopover.

  • The lowest price

    Enjoy advantageous rates by choosing an Optimalle offer: rates are adjusted according to the reservations on your route.

Check out our best offers at www.optimalle.com

A bit of our history:

Since 2009, La Malle Postale has been offering low-cost luggage transportation on popular routes such as the Santiago de Compostela route or the Stevenson route. But on less frequented routes, it was difficult to offer such attractive fares.

Our idea to create Optimalle came to mind following the frustration of not being able to offer luggage transportation at the best price on all of our routes.

We looked for the best way to group the requests so that lightweight travel could be accessible to all!

It's now possible with Optimalle, the little sister of La Malle Postale!

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