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Optimalle, the little sister of La Malle Postale : Low price hiking even on less frequented routes !

The concept

Are you flexible? Take advantage of reduced fares by leaving on dates when transportation is already scheduled !

On each page of a route for which we offer this service, you'll find the pre-existing reservations of other hikers. You can then do the same stages on the same dates and benefit from a lower rate.


The objective

On some routes, the fare for luggage is higher than on busy routes and this can be a hindrance for many hikers.

The goal of Optimalle is to make luggage transportation accessible to everyone, including people hiking alone or in small groups.

This service is also available for custom transportation on certain routes.


Worth remembering

  • The Optimalle offers are presented on each page of a hike offering this service
  • If your route does not correspond exactly to an optimalle, don't hesitate to contact us


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