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Transportation of luggage

Hike light, without a bag or suitcase !

Let us handle your luggage so that you can make the most of your hike!

Transportation of your luggage from stage to stage

In the morning, we pick up your luggage at your hotel, cabin, campsite... and take it to the following accommodation.

You book your accommodations, La Malle Postale takes care of logistics !


The advantages of luggage transportation :

  • A light hike: only carry the things that you need for the day.
  • Dry clothes every night: even if it rains, your luggage is sheltered!
  • Hike freely and enjoy the scenery and your encounters with other hikers.
  • Preserved health. Take it easy on your back, knees and hips.


Do you prefer a suitcase or a backpack ?

The luggage that you entrust to us can be a backpack, cabin suitcase, sports bag... the most important thing is that it's one piece and of reasonable size. 

We can also transport respirators on request. Don't hesitate to contact us for any specific request.


How heavy can my luggage be ?

Your luggage must not be more than 13 kg !

In case of excess weight, we’ll ask you to pack an additional bag that will be charged to you. We can also offer to provide you with a "La Malle Postale" bag to distribute the contents of your "big bag". You will then be charged for a second piece of luggage for the rest of the journey.

1 piece of luggage = a single item of less than 13kg

Pick-up and drop-off times and your luggage

To be picked up by our drivers, your luggage must be ready at 8 AM at your accommodations

Your luggage then be dropped off at the next accommodation site before 6 PM. 


And the cost?

From 9€ per piece of luggage and per stage for the Santiago de Compostela route and the Stevenson trail for example. 

Depending on the usage frequency of the different routes, we offer a rate per bag and per stage, or a flat rate per stage.

Check out the page of the hike that you want to do or ask us for a quote !


On what trails?

La Malle Postale can transport your luggage on more than 50 hiking trails


How do I book the luggage transportation?

  • By giving us your precise itinerary with all of your stages and the reserved accommodations, at least one week before the start of your hike.
  • On the Compostela, Stevenson, St Guilhem trails and on the Tour de l'Aubrac, you can book your baggage transportation the day before until 7 PM for pickup the next day.

Important: La Malle Postale provides services at professional accommodations, namely hotels, cottages, bed & breakfasts or campsites. However, this service is not available if your accommodations are only offered on booking platforms between individuals.


5% discount for FFRP members

Since 2020, the Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre and La Malle Postale have entered into a partnership with a 5% discount on baggage transportation for FFRP members and holders of a Rando Pass.

*This reduction is specific to you and only applies to the member or RandoPass holder, up to the limit of one bag per member RandoPass holder. This reduction cannot be applied retroactively. Valid only on presentation of a copy of your membership or participation document (membership card, Rando pass).


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