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From luggage transportation to regular shuttles,
La Malle Postale meets all your needs

Travel light with La Malle Postale !

Let us handle your luggage,
make most of our shuttles and tailor-made transports,
use our vehicle transfer services, and benefit from our other services
to improve your hike :

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illustration du service Luggage transportation

Luggage transportation

  • 15 kg less to carry
  • from €8
illustration du service Optimalle


  • Share luggage transportation
  • your luggage transportation at the best prices
illustration du service Navette vers Les Estables

Navette vers Les Estables

  • this page is available only in French
illustration du service Regular shuttles

Regular shuttles

  • Compostela, Stevenson and St Guilhem
  • from €10/person
illustration du service Vehicle transfer

Vehicle transfer

  • your vehicle waiting for you at the end of your hike
  • minimum of 70km
illustration du service Compostela Shuttle

Compostela Shuttle

  • Conques > Le Puy twice a day
  • Book your return now
illustration du service Location de mini-bus

Location de mini-bus

  • Sorry this page is only available in French
illustration du service Passenger transportation

Passenger transportation

  • wherever you want
  • whenever you want
illustration du service Parking


  • parking
  • €25/week
illustration du service Luggage deposit

Luggage deposit

  • Keep only what you need
  • for your hike
illustration du service Boutique


  • Sorry this page is only available in French

Benefit from our hiking services :

The Saint-Guilhem trail

La Traversée du Massif des Vosges

The Santiago de Compostela route

The Stevenson trail

The Trégor and The Côte de Granit Rose

The Aubrac trail

The Cantal Volcano trail

Echappée Jurassienne

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