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The Via Fluvia

  • Distance
    120 km
  • Average duration
    5 jours
  • situation

The Via Fluvia

Travel the 120 km of Via Fluvia by bike and connect the Loire and Rhône rivers.

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The Via Fluvia is a cycle route that connects two magnificent rivers that never cross, namely the Loire and the Rhône.

It's a concentrated route – 120 km, in the end – but with great ambition: for these sumptuous landscapes of volcanoes, forests, mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes will serve as an ecological introduction, with sport and Zen at the same time, for the discovery of our regions. By following the Via Fluvia, everyone will be able to go at their own pace to find nature but also to meet the men and women, producers, artisans, and creators who live there. More than just a bunch of experiences, the Via Fluvia is an open-air museum! We're carried from one universe to another!

The Via Fluvia crosses the departments of Haute-Loire, Loire & Ardèche, three territories with unique landscapes and environments… a chance to discover different universes between nature, history, heritage and micro-adventure through this new route between green trail and cycling route!

Replenish your energy and travel differently along this route, take the time to stop and listen to the singing birds, observe every little bit of the heritage and landscapes that surround you.


Classical stages

You can use the following stages to prepare your hike. Of course, these can be modified according to your chosen accommodations:

  • Lavoûte sur Loire - Yssingeaux
  • Yssingeaux - Raucoules
  • Raucoules - Riotord
  • Riotord - Bourg Argental
  • Bourg Argental - Annonay


Practical information

Transportation service for people and bicycles available along the entire route.


Prices for people and bike transports

Leaving from or going to le Puy-en-Velay



from 1 to 4



from 5 to 8 


Lavoûte/Loire   45€  11€
Yssingeaux 65€  16€
Raucoules 105€  26€
Riotord 132€  33€
Bourg-Argental 170€  42,50€
Annonay 190€  47,50€


Bicyle transport : 20€/per bike


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Tracé de l'itinéraire
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