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The Crossing of the Massif des Vosges

  • Distance
    430 km
  • Average duration
    20 jours

The Crossing of the Massif des Vosges

Cross the regional nature parks of the Vosges from north to south. A 20-day route that will take you to the next level !

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The distance of the hiking route for the crossing of the Vosges massif is about 430 km. It can be covered in more than 20 days and connects Wissembourg to Fesches-le-Châtel, south of Belfort. This hike crosses two Regional Nature Parks: namely the Vosges du nord and the Ballons des Vosges

There is a great diversity of mountain landscapes, views of the Alsace plain, the Black Forest or the massifs of the Jura and Mont Blanc. Heritage sites can also be visited, including the castle of Koenigsburg, a remarkable 12th-century fortress.

Stages on The Crossing of the Massif des Vosges

Some ideas of stages on the crossing of the Vosges mountains :

  • Wissembourg / Obersteinbach 29 Km
  • Obersteinbach - Niederbronn -les- Bains 20 Km
  • Niederbronn - Les- Bains - Lichtenberg 19 Km
  • Lichtenberg - La Petite Pierre 17 Km
  • La Petite Pierre - Saverne 21 Km
  • Saverne - Wangenbourg - Engenthal 26 Km
  • Wangenbourg-engenthal - Urmatt 18 Km
  • Urmatt - Schirmeck 31 Km
  • Schirmeck - Le Hohwald 23 Km
  • Le Hohwald - Barr 19 Km
  • Barr - Châtenois : 31 Km
  • Châtenois - Ribeauvillé 20 Km
  • Ribeauvillé - Le Bonhomme 29 Km
  • Le Bonhomme - Col De La Schlucht 19 Km
  • Col De La Schlucht - Le Markstein 26 Km
  • Le Markstein - Thann 28 Km
  • Thann - Ballon D'alsace 27 Km
  • Ballon D'alsace - Giromagny 13 Km
  • Giromagny - Belfort 23 Km

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