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Tour of the Velay Volcanoes

  • Distance
    175 km
  • Average duration
    8 - 9 jours
  • situation

Tour of the Velay Volcanoes

GR40 - let yourself be seduced by the heart of the Haute-Loire

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The Velay volcanoes tour GR©40 is a loop hike that can be completed in about 9 days. You'll discover all of the riches of the Velay, its volcanic history as well as a remarkable heritage. This hike is particularly suitable if you want to discover the city of Le Puy-en-Velay and its surroundings.

With Le Puy-en-Velay in the centre, this loop passes through the gorges of the Loire, the Devès plateau, the Mézenc massif (1753 m) and the Meygal massif (1436 m). You can also take a diagonal route that passes through the path of the gorges of the Loire (GR©3).


Ideas for stages 

You can use the following stages to prepare your hike. Of course, these can be modified according to your chosen accommodations:

  • Step 1 : Vorey - Céaux d’Allègre, 21 km
  • Step 2 : Céaux-d’Allègre - Siaugues-Saint-Romain, 21 km
  • Step 3 : Siaugues-Saint-Romain - Montbonnet, 21 km
  • Step 4 : Montbonnet - Goudet, 30 km
  • Step 5 : Goudet - Freycenet-la-Cuche, 19 km
  • Step 6 : Freycenet-la-Cuche - Saint-Front, 16.5 km
  • Step 7 : Saint-Front - Queyrières, 24 km
  • Step 8 : Queyrières - Blanlhac, 20 km
  • Step 9 : Blanlhac - Vorey, 10 km


Practical information

FFRandonnée & TopoGuide (guide book)

FFRandonnée Haute-Loire

Le TopoGuide du Tour des Volcans

Accommodations & Tourist information

Office de Tourisme du Puy-en-Velay

Office de Tourisme des gorges de l’Allier

Office de Tourisme Mézenc Meygal

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