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La Voie Bleue®

  • Distance
    700 km
  • Average duration
    environ 20 jours
  • situation

La Voie Bleue®

A 700km bike trip along the water, from Luxembourg to Lyon

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"La "Voie Bleue®" or "La Voie Bleue, Moselle-Saône à vélo®" is a 700km cycle route along the water between Luxembourg and Lyon. Crossing many territories, you will ride along the Moselle before continuing along the canal des Vosges and following the Saône to Lyon.

Along a route with little difference in altitude and accessible to all, you will be able to take time to appreciate the postcard landscapes that are offered to you. You will cross cities with a rich historical and cultural heritage and will be able to discover 3 sites classified by UNESCO: the historical center of Lyon, the Stanislas square in Nancy and Metz, as a "Creative City".

This cycling trip is also a great opportunity to enjoy the many local culinary specialities and to (re)discover the wines of Moselle, Beaujolais or Mâconnais (in moderation, of course)!

Whether you are curious, gourmet, or simply in love with the good life and beautiful meetings, there is something for everyone!

On the practical side, there is no shortage of entry and exit points. So you can make a long journey or just enjoy a weekend. And there are many connections with other routes: Via Romea Francigena (EuroVelo 5), Atlantic-Black Sea (EuroVelo 6), and Via Rhôna (EuroVelo 17).



Idea of steps :

Below you will find some examples of stages on La Voie Bleue® route. Of course, these can be modified according to your accommodation:

  • Sierck les Bains - Thionville : 30km
  • Thionville - Metz : 34km
  • Metz - Pont à Mousson : 34km
  • Pont à Mousson - Nancy : 35km
  • Nancy - Charmes : 48km
  • Charmes - Épinal : 27km
  • Épinal - Bains les Bains : 40km
  • Bains les Bains - Corre : 28km
  • Corre - Port sur Saône : 40km
  • Port sur Saône - Ray sur Saône : 33km
  • Ray sur Saône - Gray : 35km
  • Gray - Pontailler sur Saône : 33km
  • Pontailler sur Saône - Auxonne : 24km
  • Auxonne - Saint Jean de Losne : 26km
  • Saint Jean de Losne - Seurre : 24km
  • Seurre - Verdun sur le Doubs : 18km
  • Verdun sur le Doubs - Chalon sur Saône : 30km
  • Chalon sur Saône - Tournus : 34km
  • Tournus - Pont de Vaux : 15km
  • Pont de Vaux - Mâcon : 18km
  • Mâcon - Thoissey : 19km
  • Thoissey - Trévoux : 33km
  • Trévoux - Lyon : 31km

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