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The Rocamadour variant

  • Distance
    120 km
  • Average duration
    6 jours

The Rocamadour variant

take the Rocamadour route on your way to Santiago de Compostela

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The route via Rocamadour is a variant of the Santiago de Compostela route. You can take this route from Figeac, and you'll discover the Causse de Gramat, the Haut-Quercy, the Lot and Garonne valley, and of course the medieval village of Rocamadour, perched on the edge of the cliffs.


Ideas for stages on the Rocamadour Variant

If you want to hike the Rocamadour variant, you can use the following stages, from Figeac. Of course, these can be modified according to your chosen accommodations:

Etape 1 : Figeac - Lacapelle-Marival (20 km)

Etape 2 : Lacapelle-Marival - Gramat (21 km)

Etape 3 : Gramat - Rocamadour (12 km)

Etape 4 : Rocamadour - Labastide Murat (27.5km)

Etape 5 : Labastide Murat - Vers (24km)

Etape 6 : Vers - Cahors (17.4km)


Practical information

FFRandonnée & TopoGuide (guidebook)

TopoGuide vers Compostelle Figeac Moissac et Variante Rocamadour

Site de la FFRandonnée sur Le Tour du Mont-Blanc 

Tourism & Accommodation

Office de Tourisme Vallée de la Dordogne

Office de Tourisme Villeneuve-sur-Lot

Office de Tourisme d’Agen

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