Hikers' insurance

repatriation cover in case of injury

à partir de
Santiago de Compostela route

Hiking insurance is available for anyone

making the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

from Le Puy-en-Velay.

Alone, with family or friends!

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€15 per person for a hike of less than 15 days.

€25 per person for a hike of more than 15 days.

Medical expenses advance

Should the beneficiary be hospitalised abroad following a serious bodily injury and if s/he is not affiliated with any Social Security scheme or benefit or insurance organisation, Mutuelle Saint-Christophe Assistance will advance the medical and surgical expenses prescribed by any medical authority on behalf of the subscriber and in agreement with the latter. Mutuelle Saint-Christophe Assistance provides this cover for immediate hospitalisation of the beneficiary by reserving the right to verify her/his beneficiary status with the subscriber.

The direct payment ceiling is set at €30,000 per beneficiary.

Medical repatriation

In case of serious bodily harm, the doctors of Mutuelle Saint-Christophe Assistance contact the on-site attending physicians and take the most suitable decisions in view of the beneficiary’s condition on the basis of the collected information and solely in terms of medical needs. If the Mutuelle Saint-Christophe Assistance medical team recommends the beneficiary’s repatriation, Mutuelle Saint-Christophe Assistance organises and covers its cost in accordance with the medical requirements identified by its medical team. The repatriation destination is the most suitable hospital centre.

Emergency Hospital Medical Expenses Insurance

The beneficiary is covered for the reimbursement of her/his medical and/or hospitalisation expenses following a serious bodily injury occurring and confirmed outside her/his country of residence during the cover validity period, and for which s/he will be liable after the intervention by the Social Security scheme, her/his supplementary Health Insurance and/or any other individual or collective benefit plan that covers her/him.

Accompaniment of minor children

If the person(s) accompanying minor children is (are) unable to care for them as a result of illness, accident or death, Mutuelle Saint-Christophe Assistance organises and provides a round-trip ticket - economy class plane or first class train - for a person residing in metropolitan France and designated by the family, in order to pick up the children and take them home. Should it be impossible to contact one of the above-mentioned persons or if they are unable to make the trip, Mutuelle Saint-Christophe Assistance sends a chaperone to take charge of the children and bring them to the person designated by the beneficiary.

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