Tour of the Velay Volcanoes

GR40 - let yourself be seduced by the heart of the Haute-Loire

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  • Distance : 175 km
  • Average duration : 8/9 days of walking
  • Gradient :


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Practical information

Guidebook: Tour des Volcans du Velay

Accomodations : The Comité de Randonnée Pédestre de Haute-Loire provides you with a reference guide for accommodation on this itinerary (updated in 2019)

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Spanning both the Languedoc and the Lyon region, there are really two Velays – the volcanic Velay “below the woods” and the more wooded Velay “beyond the woods”.

Rocks such as black basalt and red brown-green volcanic slag enliven the landscape as much as the architecture characterized by lauze (slate), brick and thatch. It will delight the hiker's eyes!

The variety of landscapes due to ancient volcanic activity is impressive.

Places that are protected and to be protected such as the peat bogs and the Livradois-Forez Regional Nature Park, home to the famous Mont Bar, 1,150 metres high.

On the GR®40 itinerary on the Vellaves volcanoes, hikers will encounter marshes with typical biodiversity, forests covering 36% of the territory, lakes and mountains with strange shapes such as Mount Mézenc, the “old reclining lion” (vieux lion couché). The itinerary will showcase a historical heritage with many castles and churches.

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