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The Cantal Volcano trail

GR400 - hike around Europe’s largest volcano

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Guidebook: Volcan du Cantal

Accomodations: The Conseil Départemental du Cantal provides you with a non-exhaustive list of accommodation available along the trail (updated 2018)

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Starting from Murat, the emblematic GR® 400 – 140 kilometres long and running through the mid-mountains – winds its way up the slopes of Europe’s largest volcano, the Cantalien massif, and can be explored in eight days or less.

Via passes and ridges, green pastures and isolated circuses, the GR® 400 actually runs around the spectacular volcanic pyramid of Puy Mary (1783 m), which can be approached from the Prat de Bouc pass, Albepierre-Bredons, Laveissière, the Lioran station, Le Claux, the Serre pass, Le Falgoux, Le Fau, Mandailles or Thiézac.

From Super-Lioran, the Cère Valley offers a beautiful view of the Puy Griou (1,690 m), an emblematic and central volcano of the Cantal Mountains massif. It enters Thiézac and then returns via the Plomb du Cantal (1,855 m), the highest point in the area. The Falgoux glacier cirque and the Maronne valley lead hikers from puy Violent to puy Mary.

The GR® 400 also takes one up Europe’s largest volcano (2,700 km2) through the Jordanne Valley circuit. From Mandailles, going up towards the puy Griou, we follow the ridges, past the famous Breche de Roland which leads to the famous puy Mary, then to the puy Chavaroche. The body and soul are regenerated.

Source : Mon Gr

Take note

The Murat Tourist Office invites you to immerse yourself in the heart of the Cantal’s hiking trails thanks to a digital display! A very useful tool for an overview of the path before starting your hike...

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