The Regordan trail

 GR700 - discover this historic muleteer and merchant trail

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  • Transport de bagages
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  • Navettes régulières
    Alès > Le Puy
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  • Convoyage de véhicules
    du Puy à Alès
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Discover the trail

  • Distance : 240 km
  • Average duration : 10/12 days of walking
  • Gradient :


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Practical information

Guidebook: le chemin de Régordane

Accomodation: the Comité de la randonnée pédestre en Haute-Loire has put an accommodation guide at your disposal (updated 2018)

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This itinerary is at the heart of the great movements of ancient and medieval history. It was used to connect the Ile-de-France region to the Mediterranean.

In 10 days, from Puy-en-Velay to Saint-Gilles-du-Gard, via Langogne, La Garde-Guerin, Alès or Nîmes, the hiker takes a millenary route carved with ruts (a kind of rail dug in the rock to guide the carts), bordered with dolmens and rock inscriptions.

From stage to stage, you’ll discover the history of the movement of people, goods and ideas. This path bears the traces of the struggle for freedom of conscience: Arianism, Catharism, Protestantism have developed there.

The landscape is very rich: coniferous forests, greasy meadows and lava flows in the north gradually give way to chestnut trees with broom, holm oaks and then scrubland as we approach the Petite Camargue.

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Luggage transport

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  • Le transport de bagage mutualisé

  • vos transports de bagages aux meilleurs prix
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illustration du service Roadbook Le Puy-Conques

Roadbook Le Puy-Conques

  • guidage sur le chemin sans réseau

  • carte / guidage vocal / photos indicatives
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Regular shuttles

  • Compostelle, Stevenson et St Guilhem

  • à partir de 10€/pers
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Conveying vehicles

  • votre véhicule vous attend à la fin de votre rando

  • minimum de 70km
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Transport de personnes

  • où vous voulez

  • quand vous voulez
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Luggage deposit

  • ne gardez que le nécessaire

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