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The Tour of the Mézenc / Gerbier massif

Country GR (hiking trails) – Up on the roof of the Haute-Loire

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sur The Tour of the Mézenc / Gerbier massif

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Low-cost hiking while sharing the transportation of your luggage.

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Practical information

Guidebook: Tour du Massif Mézenc-Gerbier-de-Jonc (in French)

Accomodations: the Comité de la randonnée pédestre en Haute-Loire has put an accommodation guide at your disposal (updated 2019)

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From village to village, the tour of the Mézenc-Gerbier-de-Jonc massif will reveal to the hiker vast plateaus contrasting with rugged valleys, and exceptional landscapes that offer a panoramic view of the Alps on clear days.

This massif of ancient volcanoes, where water can be found everywhere, shelters the famous Gerbier-de-Jonc at the foot of which the Loire river finds its source.

In this still preserved setting, you’ll enjoy the diverse flora of these high plateaus.

At the bend of a path, a traditional farm with a lauze (slate), Scotch broom or rye straw roof will open its doors to you for a visit to the heart of the life of the inhabitants of yesteryear: an invitation to discover all the richness of local traditions.

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