The Aubrac trail

Discover Aubrac, a mythical and wild territory

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Discover the trail

  • Distance : from 140 to 170 km depending on the itinerary
  • Average duration : about 1 week
  • Gradient :

Practical information

Guidebook: Tour des Monts d'Aubrac

Reference website:

Accomodation: you will find a proposal for accommodation on this site

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The Tour des Monts d'Aubrac is a quiet hike, lasting about a week, without too much difference in altitude, between 900 and 1,300m.

Created by an association, ADECA, it had always gathered farmers who open their premises to tourism. Since then, the accommodation offer has grown with local cottages and inns, but also hotels and guest rooms.

Pleasant in spring when the vegetation explodes with an immense variety of flowers, in autumn when the colours are incomparable, this hike is also easy to do in summer because the nights are always cool and compensate for the summer heat.

While nature stands as the region’s main attraction, the trail also allows you to discover a small and abundant rural heritage with its crossroads, traditional farms, bread ovens, burons or mills. Not to mention Laguiole, its forge and dairy, the Romanesque churches of Saint Urcize, Aumont-Aubrac and Nasbinals, the Aubrac dômerie.

This hike can be combined with a section of the GR 65 Santiago de Compostela on one of its most emblematic parts, Aumont-Aubrac/Saint Chély d'Aubrac.

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