The Cathar trail

 Stepping on the Cathar trail is an eight-century jump into the past

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  • Distance : 250 km
  • Average duration : 12 days
  • Gradient :


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Infos pratiques

Guidebook: Sur les traces des Cathares

Reference website

Accomodation: you will find here a non-exhaustive list of accommodation on the Cathar trail

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The Cathar trail runs from the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees.

Over nearly 250 km, it offers a wide variety of landscapes: coastal lagoons, wine-growing hills, scrublands, forests, gorges and Pyrenean peaks....

Aguilar, Padern, Quéribus, Peyrepertuse, Puilaurens, Puivert, Montségur, vertigo citadels built on impressive rocky peaks mark the route and evoke a page of southern medieval history, Languedoc catharism.

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Roadbook Le Puy-Conques

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