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The Stevenson trail

GR 70 - Velay, Gévaudan, Mont Lozère, Cévennes. Follow in the steps of R-L Stevenson

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  • Convoyage de véhicules
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Practical information:

Shuttles: Consult the schedules & prices

Guidebook: Le Chemin de Stevenson (in French)

Official website:

Accomodation: The association Sur le chemin de R. L. Stevenson has listed most of the accommodations on the path.

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Following in Stevenson's footsteps means living an adventure that is constantly renewed throughout the trail’s 252 km.

A link between Auvergne and Languedoc, the route followed by Stevenson (author of Treasure Island) is also a link between two cultures and two religions.

With or without a donkey, hikers first descend from the vast volcanic plateaus of the Velay to the rugged highlands of the Gévaudan. The floral richness is exceptional, and in spring the fields burst into a thousand colours.

Then come the bare hills of Mont Lozère, regularly marked with granite montjoies (cairns). The Cévennes country of the Camisards isn’t far. The landscape is filled with chestnut trees, mulberry trees and vines. The trip ends at the southern and industrial city of Ales.

Worth remembering:

Luggage transportation:

  • €8.50 per bag and per stage (group rates starting from 5 baggage items)
  • luggage must be available  at the accomodations every morning at 8 am 
  • each piece of luggage must weigh less than 15 kg
  • you can give us your precise route or book the day before for the next day by calling before 7:00 pm

Regular shuttles

  • Saint-Jean-du-Gard > Le Puy-en-Velay or Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille shuttle bus, serving all the stages of the route
  • 2 departures per day at fixed and regular times
  • only by reservation!

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