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The Santiago de Compostela route

GR 65 - walk from Le Puy en Velay to Conques, Figeac, Cahors, Moissac, and all the stages of the route to finally reach Santiago de Compostela

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sur The Santiago de Compostela route

  • Transport sur mesure
    in case of injury or fatigue or tailor-made on all the stages of the route
  • Convoyage de véhicules
    from 70km, from Le Puy to Moissac
  • Consigne de bagages
    from €3 half-day
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Shuttles on the way :

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Accomodations : the Comité Départemental de la randonnée pédestre en Haute-Loire has listed accommodation providers from Le Puy to Figeac (updated in march 2020).

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From Le Puy to Cahors 

Passing through Aubrac, Conques and Figeac.

Of the four Ways of St. James, this “Route du Puy” is undoubtedly the most famous.

It’s also the first to have been classified as a GR® trail, as close as a route can get to historical reality.

It’s also the most endearing to explore, with the wild beauty of some of its sections and the majesty of the great holy monuments that mark it.

The route first crosses the Velay, Margeride and Aubrac ranges. This succession of small mountainous massifs is in fact the place of origin of actual countries with their own identities, which extend as far as the borders of Rouergue.

The Velay has a line of volcanic ridges. The Margeride, on the other hand, offers the face of a mysterious moor, strewn with granite. Finally, the hiker's enthusiasm will doubtlessly be sparked by the natural meadows of Aubrac, its small lakes and streams, and its traditional pastoral life.

Not to be missed :

From Cahors to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

Not to be missed :

From Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela

We also provide, through a colleague, luggage transportation on the Spanish side.

Worth remembering:

Luggage transportation

  • €8.50 per bag and per stage (group rates starting from 5 baggage items)
  • in the accommodations, luggage must be ready to go every morning at 8am 
  • all luggage must be labelled: print our labels
  • each piece of luggage must be less than 15 kg
  • • let us know your precise route in advance or book the day before for the next day by calling before 7:00 pm (from Puy to Cahors only)

Regular shuttles

  • view our schedule and prices on the way to Compostela
  • shuttle Cahors > Figeac > Conques > Le Puy, serving all the stages of the route
  • 2 departures per day at fixed and regular times
  • reservations required

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