The Causse Méjean Tour

hike through the Lozère region

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  • Distance : approx. 110 km
  • Average duration : 5/6 days of walking
  • Gradient :


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Guidebook: Tours du Mont Lozère et du Causse Méjean (in French)

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Carved up and divided by the powerful elements of nature, this great divide stands as one of the area’s major must-sees.

Despite what one may believe, the Gorges du Tarn are located in the Lozère department and not in the neighbouring department. The rushing waters of the Tarn, bluer even than the Danube, are crossed by boat, and so many people travel on these waters that they’ve given birth to a profession, that of boat masters (bateliers)...

Huge rocks overhang the narrow road that runs along the Tarn river and their peaks sometimes reach the Causses. The Causses have been compared to Gruyere cheese because the ground is full of holes and caves that are a joy of cavers. They attract many visitors.

However desolate the lands of the Causses, they still support thousands of sheep. The wide open spaces are reminiscent of the moon, but their charm is undeniable.

In most seasons except summer, you’ll be lucky to spot one person in the distance – often a shepherd wrapped in a large cloak to protect him from the strong wind that sweeps and shapes the land, as it does in Sauveterre.

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