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Hiking trail between the lakes of Avène and Salagou

  • Distance
    79 km
  • Average duration
    de 2 à 6 jours
  • Gradient
    +3046 -3385 m
  • situation

Hiking trail between the lakes of Avène and Salagou

Hike across the Hérault countryside in the South of France

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The “GRP entre 2 lacs Avène-Salagou” is a local hiking trail between the lakes of Avène and Salagou in the Hérault French department. You can hike this trail in 3,4 or 5 days or choose the circuits around the lakes on 2 or 3 days. In the heart of the “Géoparc Terres d’Hérault”, you will enjoy the nature and the geology of the department.

Your walk on the “Sentier des 2 lacs” will start in the medieval village of Ceilhes. You will cross forests and pastures of the Monts d’Orb to eventually reach Avène, a famous French spa resort

On your way towards Lunas, we will note a big scenery change in the Orb and Gravezon valleys. Surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, you are in the South ! Then you will discover an Orthodox monastery and the Joncels abbey, step on the Voie d’Arles pilgrimage to Santiago. In the village of Dio, you will enjoy the impressive castle and the typical red “ruffes” (red rocks) of the High Valley of the Salagou.

Ultimately, you will roam the Salagou lake embankment to join the town of Clermont l’Hérault.

Tip : you can make an extra step to Mourèze to enjoy an overview on the lake of Salagou.


Ideas for stages :

  • Ceilhes – Avène (17 km)
  • Avène – Joncels (18 km)
  • Joncels – Dio (14 km)
  • Dio / Salagou (18 km)


Another idea : a three day trail run:

  • Ceilhes – Avène (17 km)
  • Avène – Lunas (22.5 km)
  • Lunas / Octon (25 km, + 2.5 km to join the lake embankment)


Please note that you can choose the Monts d’Orb lake circuit and the Salagou lake circuit.

Monts d’Orb lake circuit 

  • Avène - Ceilhes
  • Ceilhes - Avène

Salagou lake circuit

  • Clermont l'Hérault - Celles or Octon
  • Celles or Octon - Clermont l'Hérault


Practical information

Tourist office Grand Orb – Avène office
Tel : +33 4 67 23 43 38
Site :

Tourist office of the Clermontais
Tel : +33 4 67 96 23 86
Site :


Roadbook GRP® entre deux lacs Avène-Salagou (in French)

Roadbook Tour du lac des Monts d'Orb (in French)

Roadbook Tour du lac de Salagou (in French)

Tracé de l'itinéraire
& points d'intérêts sur le chemin

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